Welcome to Brumfield Franks Tax Accounting

We at Brumfield Franks Tax Accounting believe that one of the most beneficial aspects of our practice is in providing our clients with proactive tax planning and accounting.

35 Years Experience

With a Bachelors Degree and 35 years of experience in accounting and small business, Daniel Brumfield and Kristi Franks have worked with changing economies and countless tax law revisions.

Worry-free Services

We’ll work with you to identify the services you need. Then we’ll set up a schedule so data is collected, recorded, and handled efficiently and timely.

FREE Initial Consultation

Call us for a no-charge initial conference. We will discuss your financial and tax situation and determine how we can help you.

Proactive Tax Planning

We take a highly proactive approach to tax planning and have fostered the kind of client rapport which enables us to know and be aware of what is of ongoing importance to our clients.

Certified QuickBooks® Specialists

Now you can stop struggling with the owner’s manual or wasting your time trying to be an accountant. We can show you how to use QuickBooks® to its fullest potential.

On-site Services

We provide on-site training in your office, on your system, with your records. Then we follow up with telephone support from a professional who is familiar with your business.

About Kristi Franks

Brumfield Franks Tax Accounting has been owned and operated by Kristi Franks and Daniel Brumfield in Bellingham, Washington since 1984.

With a bachelor’s degree and 8 years of experience in accounting and small businesses, Kristi has worked with changing economies and countless tax law revisions. Kristi brings education and experience to your door.

We feel that individuals and small businesses can prosper in any economy with the help of proper financial knowledge. It is within this area that we provide the accounting services and financial advice which will further guide our clients toward success.

Brumfield Franks Tax Accounting is dedicated to helping our clients with all their tax planning and preparation needs. Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals.

Receive a FREE Telephone Consultation

Please ask as many questions as you like! We will help you until you are comfortable working with us.

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Pay No More Tax than the Law Requires

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