Certified Bookkeeping for Quickbooks

At Brumfield Franks Tax, Accounting & Financial Services, we are happy to assist our clients in accessing the many resources available to them. This includes making the most of the latest technological software to help your business run smoothly.

Proper bookkeeping is vital to the success of any business, and Quickbooks can serve as an invaluable asset for you. The program offers features to aid in accounting management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial reporting, and credit card management.

Whether you are currently using Quickbooks or are considering it as an option for your business, the Brumfield team will provide assistance in maximizing this useful software. We understand the financial accounting challenges unique to small businesses. We also know that accuracy in bookkeeping is critical to smooth and efficient operations. You may have concerns about complex accounting issues, or you may require help navigating the advanced features of the QuickBooks program. You can rest assured that our team is here to guide you through the process.

Selecting the Best Version for Your Business

When you decide to use Quickbooks, your first steps will be choosing the appropriate version. Ideally, you will contact us prior to making a purchase, so we may offer pointers on which version will best suit your business. We can also assist you in selecting a solid match for the computer platform your business uses. Doing this could save you time, money, and other important resources over the long run.

Setting Up Your Software

Once you have purchased the program, setting it up properly is crucial. You will need to ensure that it is optimized to run as designed on your computer. Also, you will need to coordinate the relevant details of your company within the Quickbooks software. One of our team members can offer guidance in customizing an account chart that fits your requirements.

Ongoing Support

Once you have set up the program, you may rely on Brumfield to assist you in utilizing it to your full advantage. If you have already set up the program and are experiencing issues, we will help you to identify and correct them. An improper setup could lead to user problems, and it may inhibit your capacity to track and generate the information you require from the program.

When your software is running as intended, you will need to review and analyze your files periodically. This task should generally be performed by an experienced professional, and we are equipped to do this for your business.

Another vital, ongoing aspect of using Quickbooks involves ensuring that the financial condition of your business is reflected accurately in the program. You might need to reclassify certain details from time to time; you might also need to correct or adjust certain information. This is why it is so important to implement routine analysis. In fact, monthly reviews can help to provide the most accurate results for data related to your financial transactions, reports, and accounts.

Remote and Onsite Training

We know that you may not always be able to bring your system and issues to our office. This is exactly why we provide remote training for Quickbooks to our clients. Remote accounting software training offers a level of convenience that could be imperative in many circumstances. We can also provide onsite assistance when remote training does not apply to your needs.

Managing Your Accounts

Quickbooks provides users with a wealth of functions to facilitate ease of operations. In order for you access these features and all that they offer, our team may help you in a variety of capacities. We can aid in employing certain techniques to manage your credit card transactions via the software. We are also able to assist you in properly entering data related to accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll, inventory, budget, and cash flow.

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As many small businesses have learned, the Quickbooks program may serve as an integral part of your bookkeeping process.

Whether you choose to hire a bookkeeper or to perform your accounting tasks yourself, the Brumfield team can help your business to get the most from the Quickbooks platform. Call us at (360) 647-1393, or feel free to contact us online for more information.